Lamination is a process in which two or more materials are joined to make use of the different properties of each individual material in a single product. We have the technology for single-sided and double-sided lamination.

Depending on the customer's requirements, we can select the most suitable type of laminating adhesive and thus ensure perfect adhesion. For some materials, it is essential to use a special primer to achieve perfect bonding, which creates a microfilm on the surface for ideal adhesion.

Another method is heat lamination, where the adhesive is heated to the requisite temperature, which also helps the adhesive to stick to the surface of the material.

Thanks to the variable technical equipment, we are able to laminate both individual pieces (plates) and material in rolls. The maximum width of the input material for lamination is 1600 mm, the largest possible diameter of the roll is 440 mm.

Finished products are used as damper, self-adhesive seals, sound and thermal insulation, or are further processed for the production of shaped sections depending on the drawing documentation.

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